How we got here

A history of 15 years of running a product engineering company, founding two SaaS businesses and leading on product strategy for clients.

How it started

Ollie Maitland is Byng's founder with 15+ years in building digital products to innovate in existing markets and figure out ways to play in new ones.

Starting to build websites at age 14, Ollie is at home has top to bottom knowledge of product and engineering - from deep customer research, UX, technical architecture, team building and delivery of product excellence.

There is a history of seeing and ceasing the opportunity; sports coaching for the Olympics or small business lending with banks closing we like to be at the horizon of change.

Business built to last...

First building a profitable product engineering company over 10 years created the foundation of experience to launch two SaaS businesses.

A services business was highly profitable and we have purpose in spirit but it wasn't predictable.

Moving back to the roots of building software businesses is the future. The mission has shifted from building to owning profitable, predictable and purposeful businesses is a new mission for Byng.

A sustainable future

Owning and running profitable software companies with the cashflow which that supports is the future.

🌳What may that be? Well, sustainability is close to my heart. Thoughtfully designed software amplifies the impact from our work with a reduced impact on our environment.